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They need a ที่นอนยางพารา ทําความสะอาด deep clean once in awhile, especially when you think about all the oil, sweat and makeup on your face and hair. Feather pillows: You can throw them in your own washing machine. Launder two at a time and use a small amount ที่นอนยางพารา อุ่นใจ of detergent on the delicate cycle, followed by a second rinse. Stick them in the dryer with tennis balls to fluff up the filling. Foam pillows: You cant wash them in your washing machine; so instead, vacuum both sides with an upholstery tool. Spot clean any soiled areas with a cloth dipped in a mild sudsy soap solution, then rinse with a damp cloth. Tumble in a no-heat or air-only dryer setting for 20 minutes. Were talking about the protective cover over your mattress, not a pillow-top foam version. Wash in warm water and tumble dry low. You step out of your bath or shower every day onto this mat, so wash it often. If its made of cotton or synthetic fibers, wash it with other towels.

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